Our Rug Repair Staff is the best in the industry!

When your rug is in need of a repair, it’s vital that it’s in the hands of a rug repair specialist. Or else you could lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because of exceeding damage and/or needing to have the rug replaced.

Not all rugs are the same, not all repairs are the same, not all rug repair methods are the same. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to know your rug is in the care of rug repair professionals!

Each rug is unique – it bears it’s own age, wear, tear, style, design, color, history, etc. and we handle each rug with the best care in the rug repair industry!

Brielle’s Rug Repair Process

We thoroughly inspect your rug in your home with our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Estimate and provide you with expert advice on the exact issue of your rug and what repairs your rug requires.

Our 5 Step Rug Repair System:

  1. Our certified technicians will pickup your rug for FREE on your scheduled date
  2. Your rug is brought back to the rug repair department and is then thoroughly inspected again, by 3 specialists
  3. The rug repair begins in-house
  4. Once the rug repair is complete, your rug is fully inspected once again and sent to be washed (optional)
  5. Our highly trained staff will contact you to setup a delivery date, the rug is packed and then delivered for FREE

Basic Rug Repairs Offered:

– Rips/Tears/Patches
– Color Bleed
– Cut Carpet
– Section Replacement
– Fringe Repair/Replacement
– Binding Repair/Replacement
and much more!

We provide rug repairs for:

Wool Rugs
Silk Rugs
– Shag Rugs
– Handmade Rugs
– Hand-Knotted Rugs
– Traditional Oriental Rugs
– Traditional Persian Rugs
– Modern Rugs
– Antique Rugs
– Vintage Rugs
– Overdye Rugs
– Vegetable Dye Rugs
– Semi-Antique Rugs
– Flat Weave Rugs
– Needlepoint Rugs
– ALL Colors
– ALL Sizes

Having your rug professionally repaired as soon as you notice the damage benefits you in the following ways:

* Preserve the life of your rug
* Maintain the quality of your rug
* Keeps the fringes clean
* Keep your rug looking in great condition
* Save money from having to replace your rug
* Prevents further rug damage

Maintaining your rug can be a great investment, not only are you saving money by not having to replace it but if you plan to sell it, you can get a bigger return on your investment.

Our Rug Repair Service is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Have questions? Check out our “FAQ” page here.


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