Upholstery & Drape Cleaning – restore & extend the life of your furniture & drapery!

Restore and save money with our Upholstery & Drape Cleaning service.

Not only are we the cleaning professionals for 55+ years of rugs and carpets, but furniture and drapery as well. Our upholstery & drape cleaning methods are safe for you, your family and pets.

Like carpets and rugs, your furniture and curtains naturally lock-in dust, dirt, stains and grime. Overtime, not only is this not safe for you and your family but they will eventually need to be replaced as they no longer appear appealing, feel comfortable or hold any quality. Furniture also takes a beating with daily usage.

Upholstery & Drape Cleaning

Having your furniture/drapes professionally cleaned, at a minimum, twice a year benefits you in the following ways:

* Keeps your family in a cleaner & safer environment
* Preserves the life of your sofas, chairs, curtains, etc.
* Maintains the fabric quality
* Keeps your drapes and furniture looking bright and vibrant
* Save money by avoiding replacement
* Prevents dust/dirt buildup, fading and odor

Brielle’s Upholstery & Drape Cleaning Process

We thoroughly inspect your furniture and curtains in your home with our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Estimate and provide you with expert advice on the exact condition of them and what services your they require.

Our 5 Step Upholstery & Drape Cleaning System:

  1. Our certified technicians will arrive at your time of appointment
  2. Cleaning equipment is brought in and setup
  3. Items are pre-shampooed using a gentle agent to loosen any and all dirt and grime (additional charge)
  4. Steam extraction is then performed with our upholstery/drape cleaning detergent
  5. Upon completion, our highly trained staff will provide you with aftermath instructions, tips & any other information

We provide upholstery/drape cleaning for:

Cotton Upholstery/Drapes
Linen Upholstery/Drapes
Silk Upholstery/Drapes
Cotton Upholstery/Drapes
Wool Upholstery/Drapes
Lace Drapes
Velvet Drapes
Tapestry Drapes
Damask Drapes
Satin Drapes
Chenille Drapes
Leather Upholstery
New Upholstery/Drapes
Old Upholstery/Drapes
– Stained Upholstery/Drapes
– Light Colored Upholstery/Drapes
– Dark Colored Upholstery/Drapes
– Thin Upholstery/Drapes
– Thick Upholstery/Drapes
– ALL Sizes

Maintaining the cleanliness of your upholstery and drapes can be a great investment, not only are you saving money by avoiding replacements, but you are also protecting you and your family from germs and allergens.

Our Upholstery & Drapes Cleaning Service is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Have questions? Check out our “FAQ” page here.


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